The three main objectives of the COSTAMED program are:

  • Realize the interventions and facilities for the promotion of the new COSTAMED tourist destination with an integrated territorial tourism marketing approach, through the creation of a Public Private Partnership (see form)

    Among these interventions, to affirm a new hybrid receptivity model and a new “life style” through the creation of LIBRA Eco Smart Resort, structures that can combine a fair balance between the residential and receptive concept, oriented to qualify the tourist offer Existing, both from a structural, infrastructural point of view and, above all, human.

    This means contributing to improving the quality of user service by integrating the agri-food, artistic and socio-cultural aspects, and ultimately the eco-sustainable infrastructure (according to the rules of international quality standard for management processes and LEED protocol issued by the US Green Building Council for structural and infrastructural ones).

    Project Leader inside PPP : LIBRA People Company Plc and its participated companies

  • Establish a permanent Think Tank in the Mediterranrean area with the mission of defining new Public Governance rules for the interested territories and creating “best practices” for the formation of a new and more competent management class. By promoting the dissemination of high-level training, the ROBIN Prize is recognized to the best public manager who will transparently manage the tangible, intangible and human resources that are assigned to him.

          Project Leader inside PPP : ROBIN MIND Ethics and Economics School

  • Creating an operational platform for the transparent management of humanitarian projects aimed at identify new strategies in support of migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean,, bringing new planning to address root causes of migration flows, and at the same time create new managers and operators that will follow on-site development. The same platform combines refugee issues with the security of immigration countries and aims at bringing people back to their territories with an innovative approach.

          Project Leader inside PPP : MAGNA GRECIA Foundation