From 8th to 11th September 2017 the promotional launch of the COSTAMED programme was carried out with a series of events and initiatives enclosed within an international event where the Non Profit G0 – International People Summit – part was contemplated.

The choice of days deliberately made that the closing day coincides with 11 September, the day on which the anniversary of the tragedy of the Twin Towers occurs, which gave the world a distorted vision of globalization.

During the closing day, in the hall of the City Council of Palermo, in the presence of the main military authorities, there was a moment of commemoration for the victims of Ground Zero during which were read messages from the Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando and the hero of the Fire Brigade of New York Dan Nigro (now Head of the Civil Protection of New York State) to enhance the G 0 (or even read Ground zero) and symbolically inaugurate a bridge between the Mediterranean and the Americas, in a “Generation.Zero” that can hope for a new approach to GLOCALIZATION as an element of sharing and never of separation.